Dissertation Problem Statement

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The writing section of a dissertation is much important as writing the problem statement. So the reason behind its importance is that this statement arises from the problem. Now, what it means is that if you don’t have to see a problem in a study then there is no point in researching it and finding its solution. So, the problem statement comes from the obstacle you face in your relevant study. This is the base of your dissertation so it has to be strong.

Sometimes, there is a strategy to find the problem in the study. Once you understand what that problem is and what it consists of, then it will be easier for you to write the statement. In cases, a specific requirement is needed to write down a solid statement which ultimately gives you a strong proposal for the dissertation. Let’s dig into it and see How We Can Find And Write A Problem Statement And More Importantly What Makes It Good.

Finding research problem

Before starting a dissertation on any topic, the basic thing to do is to find a problem on which you can write your thesis it. Following are a useful thing to consider on finding problem:

  • First, you have to study literature on your chosen topic. The literature review will give you an idea about where the problem exists. Make sure you make notes while studying literature. Go for recent publications and see their future suggestions or perspective.
  • Another incredible method of finding an issue is through experiences. Maybe you’ve worked in a field and seen a determined issue that no one has tracked down a viable response to. Try to acclimate yourself to writing it.
  • You can even ask experts and colleagues in the relevant field. They might be a big help for you and help you to find a research problem. They have in-depth knowledge of it and discussion can lead to a fruitful conversation. Also, your perspective of seeing things may change after having the discussion.
  • Common research areas can also bring out problems in the relevant study. You may get benefits by getting funding from any industry.

Writing statement

After finding the problem, then it is your job to critically analyze it. The point why it is a problem, what is its significance, and how it contributes to society. You need to fill the literature gap. Look out for the following tips are indeed writing help for problem statement:

  1. Briefly explain the background information of the problem.
  2. Describe what exactly the research problem is.
  3. Create a connection with the statement by citing the papers supporting it.
  4. Conclude and explain the impacts of the study in few lines.

For example, you can state your problem by starting phrases such as, “As it is not known”, “it is a gap in the literature”, etc. After that, the reader will get a clear perspective of why this study is important.

Tips to make a problem into a good statement

There are numerous ways to make your research problem good. Writing a dissertation is an important process so the topic should be of your interest. Devoting yourself to a topic that the faculty is interested not you, may give you a disadvantage. Moreover, the scope of the problem should manage which means that chose a problem that you can explore in a 3- or 4-year research project.

A problem statement can be good if it contributes to society. So, highlight the importance of its benefit. Also, design the statement which is to be investigated ethically.

While the real General Problem Statement and Specific Problem Statement are one sentence each, the Problem Statement segment can represent any place from a couple of passages to a couple of pages. An excess of a couple of pages is normally excessively long. Keep in mind, straightforwardness and explicitness are vital.

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