How Long Should A Thesis Be? Expert Advice

How Long Should A Thesis Be? Expert Advice Posted on March 6, 2020Leave a comment

Writing a thesis requires a lot of professionalism since it counts for much in your masters’ or doctoral achievement. One of the questions that many students ask is, ‘how long is a thesis?’ Answering this question correctly will save you a lot of unnecessary trouble as you write and present your paper. You need to know the recommended length for each section since the many sections make up the final document. Understanding the correct format of a thesis is the first step to knowing the appropriate length.

Thesis writing is not a cup of tea for most students due to the technicalities involved, the time and energy consumed in writing the same. Professional writers come to the rescue of those who would rather pay someone to do the job. However way you choose to do it, you still need to know how long is a dissertation so that you can gauge the quality of work you pay for. Some writers are not as professional as they claim so at least have the basic knowledge about a thesis. If you are doing your own paper, there are also experts available to educate you on crucial details like the recommended length of your paper.

Determining How Long Is The Average Dissertation

Right from the abstract to the appendix, there are specific lengths recommended for each section. This ensures that all the items that should be included in each section are covered without exaggerating the length of the section. A thesis paper should take a clear direction hence there is no room for unnecessary narrations. However, one should also be careful not to emphasize brevity to the extent of omitting important details. For instance, a standard thesis abstract can take up to two pages of the whole document. For obvious reasons, results and discussion sections occupy the most space of about ten and fifteen pages respectively.

Exactly How Long Is A Ph.D. Dissertation?

For you to rightly determine the length of your thesis, you will need to factor in many variables. Even though there is a standard range, each paper comes with different requirements. You need to know what is acceptable and what is considered a breach of writing rules. One student may have a longer introduction than the other but that does not necessarily mean that either is wrong. As long as they both fall within the given range then they are safe. Depending on the topic that one has chosen to research on, it is possible to have different lengths of papers. However, your thesis should not fall on the too short or too long categories of the thesis writing code.

Regardless of whether you are writing your own thesis or you are engaging an expert, seek to know the basics of writing the paper. Ask yourself questions like, ‘how long should a conclusion be?’ and look for the answers to this and many other questions on Dissertation Team blog. If you get into it clueless you will most likely end up with substandard work or the wrong paper altogether.

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