How To Cite Dissertation: APA Formatting Rules

How To Cite Dissertation: APA Formatting Rules Posted on March 6, 2020Leave a comment

Academic paper citation is a very important part of writing your assignments. For that reason, it is part of what you need to learn if you want to have a high-quality paper that will get you a good grade. There are many ways to cite your paper and one of those is how to cite a dissertation APA style. Master how to write your paper in the correct format and referencing style if you want to make your paper perfect.

Writing your paper in a given format has a lot more than just putting the references in the text. The American Psychological Association (APA) style is one of the commonly used styles when writing dissertation papers. Therefore, learning how to cite a dissertation in APA way will be a lot helpful for learners. Complete learning about referencing and formatting includes how the paper is structured, cited inside the text and the way the list of references is written at the end of the paper.

How To Cite A Dissertation In APA Style

When preparing to cite your paper in APA, it is important to think beyond the references. Formatting and writing styles capture various aspects that also include the way the paper is organized and structured. That is how best you can learn how to cite a dissertation in APA. First, your title page should have all information centered and well distributed at the center of the page.

Your title page should include the title of your dissertation, your name, institutional affiliation and the date of your assignment. All this should be written in double spacing, times new roman font size 12. There should also be an abstract, table of contents and the following sections: introduction, background information, literature review, research methodology, findings, summary and conclusion.

APA Dissertation Citation Of References

Your APA dissertation paper is not complete without the proper citation inside the text and a reference list of all sources used in writing your dissertation paper. First, the in-text references should capture the author’s surname and date of publication. For instance, a proper APA dissertation citation should be written as (James, 2020) for a book. In this case, James is the surname of the author and 2020 being the year when the source was published.

In the list of references, sources should be written in alphabetical order. Therefore, sources whose surname begins with the letter A should be listed first and those with the letter Z coming last in the list. The dissertation citation APA list should be written as follows: Surname, Initial (Date of Publication). Title of the work. Place of Publication: Publishing Organization. For example, James, N. (2020). A Guideline for APA Referencing. London: Oxford.

When doing APA referencing for your paper, think beyond the sources. It touches on the paper structure and organization as well. Every detail counts and that is why it is important to make sure that you have everything at your fingertips. Make use of this guideline to get you started with the process, or pay for cheap dissertation writing help and forget about struggles with formatting and citations.

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